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CALL US and ASK about our ON LINE DISCOUNT!! AFFORDABLE/PRACTICAL... Electric Bike with a 'no nonsense' all metal construction- 15+ MPH- 40 Mile Range- No License- No Registration in Ca.- 500 Watt Rear Differential Motor- BLUE- READY TO RIDE Price includes free delivery to So Cal, or $200 to anywhere in Continental U.S. PRICE INCLUDES CALIFORNIA SALES TAX TO ALL CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS...

eHandyGadgets GTF-150 Electric Utility Bike- METAL BODY
eHandyGadgets GTF-150 Electric Utility Bike- METAL BODY
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Product Description

eHandyGadgets GTF-150 Electric Utility Bike- METAL BODY
The GTF-150 Pick Up Scooter IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS. This unique Electric Tricycle is an AFFORDABLE/PRACTICAL Electric Bike with a 'no nonsense' all metal construction. The GTF-150 DELUXE has bench seat that lifts for access to the batteries. A large pick-up bed measuring 23"x16.5" is perfect for those trips to the grocery store or transporting larger items. There is only one option available on this electric bike, a passenger seat KIT is easily installed by the user, it will be shipped separately with all of the necessary items for easy installation. The GTF-150 DELUXE Electric Bike is a 3 Wheel Tricycle using a 500 watt rear wheel drive with differential drive and multi-purpose bed. This E-Bike runs on 4-20 Amp batteries. At full power the GTF-150 can get up to 15+ MPH, and has a range of over 40 miles with a full charge. Also included are a reverse gear . This ‘no FRILLS’ electric tricycle is both PRACTICAL AND FUN! Our line of GTF-150 comes in Blue and is ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION FOR EASY and INEXPENSIVE BODY REPAIRS when you bump or scratch it. You may also use bondo and a little touch up paint for more extensive repairs or wear the scratches like ‘BADGES OF HONOR’ and show the world you are still out and about on a regular basis! Warranty: 6 Month Standard on drive train parts not including damage caused by operator or standard maintenance items like tires.

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